5 new best video player apps for Android (2018) in Russia

AC3 Player The AC3 codec is a typical cerebral pain for Android clients, so for what reason not get a video player that backings that locally? AC3 Player is a genuinely straightforward video player application that enables clients to play the dubious codec with no extra modules or downloads. It brags in the engine advancements to help enhance general execution, outline rate, and that's just the beginning. It additionally bolsters a bundle of other video codecs, and numerous sound codecs also. There Read more [...]

5 new best retro games for Android (2018) in Russia

Retro amusements have dependably had a specific appeal. They summon wistfulness and influence us to think about the days of yore when designs didn't make a difference as much as they do now. Retro diversions are by and large more straightforward than current titles. That makes them less demanding to play. In case you're hoping to get your hands grimy with a touch of nostalgic gaming, we have the best retro diversions at present accessible on Android. Beamdog games (four titles) Beamdog is an engineer Read more [...]

5 new best voice changer apps for Android (2018) in Russia

Great voice changer applications are rare. The incongruity is that the cell phone is an ideal vessel for making and putting away that sort of sound, yet the gathering of people is as a matter of fact little. There are a few engineers who have done some conventional applications that can change your voice in an assortment of ways. Here are the best voice changer applications for Android! Best Voice Changer Best Voice Changer is a name that may not be 100% precise. In any case, it is as yet one of Read more [...]

5 new best Marvel games for Android (2018) in Russia

The Marvel true to life universe is incomprehensibly well known. The films all perform well. The different TV demonstrates aren't exactly as widely praised. Nonetheless, the vast majority appear to in any case appreciate them. Surprisingly, there aren't at on of good Marvel recreations on versatile. Many are money snatches. Others are iterative of different properties. In any case, there are a couple of that merit playing. Here are the best Marvel amusements for Android. Contest of Champions Challenge Read more [...]

10 new best Android horror games(2018) in Russia

When we initially composed this article a couple of years back, the ghastliness recreations class wasn't incredible. There were a couple of good ones. Be that as it may, the quality disintegrated rapidly after that. The most recent few years have seen a restoration of frightfulness diversions on Android. The landing of VR likewise helped crest enthusiasm for the loathsomeness class. There are presently better amusements in the awfulness kind. Here are the best repulsiveness amusements for Android! Another Read more [...]

5 new best Thanksgiving apps for Android (2018) in Russia

Thanksgiving apps for Android Thanksgiving is an attempting, at the end of the day upbeat season for some individuals. You get an opportunity to see your family, eat a huge amount of nourishment, and you at long last get the chance to whip out each one of those reasons you've been setting aside on why you haven't come to visit all the more frequently. The prevailing supposition is that it's daily to put your telephone or tablet away and interface with your family, yet we have a rundown of magnificent Read more [...]

Pocket Casts v6.4 new adds Oreo features, battery improvements (2018) in Russia

Sneaky Jelly, the designer of prevalent podcast application Pocket Casts, rushes to take off updates following another Android adaptation. Following the dispatch of Android Nougat a year ago, it wasn't some time before the devs sent a refresh to exploit its advantages. Correspondingly, Shifty Jelly redesigned Pocket Casts with the Material Design tasteful not long after Android Lollipop arrived. Recently, the devs took off Pocket Casts rendition 6.4 which carried with it… you've gotten it… Read more [...]

5 new expensive Android apps & games (2018) in Russia

r what happens, you won't discover anything for over $400, isn't that so? All things considered, infrequently it's enjoyable to perceive what individuals are charging that sort of cash for thus we have the most costly Android applications and amusements here for you! 5-Minute Sports Medicine 5-Minute Sports Medicine is an instructive application that contains data on sports prescription. It gloats 280 subjects, ICD-9 codes, SNOMED codes, and the capacity to customize your top picks. Obviously they Read more [...]

How to change default apps in Android (2018) in Russia

It's an issue that you may keep running into on the customary. You tap a document that you truly need to open with a specific program, yet for reasons unknown, Android continues opening it with some application you couldn't think less about. All things considered, that is on the grounds that you have the wrong default application chose for that sort of document. You're in the perfect place, in any case. In this concise guide, we'll walk you through the way toward changing default applications on Read more [...]

10 new update email apps for Android (2018) in Russia

Email is one of the most established and most vital types of online correspondence. It's an administration a considerable lot of us utilize each and every day. There are huge amounts of email administrations and email applications that go with them. Some may just have a solitary record on something like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Their individual applications will give you the best involvement. This rundown is for the most part for the individuals who require something more than the stock applications Read more [...]

5 New Best Android Survival Games (2018) in Russia

Survival amusements are a fascinating gathering of recreations. For all intents and purposes all amusements have a part where you can lose them diversion by kicking the bucket. Be that as it may, survival amusements make the demonstration of remaining alive the key segment in the diversion. It's a genuinely vigorous classification with a great deal of better than average titles. In case you're in the inclination to make a decent attempt to not pass on, here are the best survival recreations for Android! Another Read more [...]

10 best Android hack & slash games & beat ’em up games for Android (2018) in Russia

Hack and slice diversions and beat them up amusements draw out the primal fun in computer games. The effortlessness of the catch pounding and the fulfillment of cutting down many foes is one of the center encounters of early computer games. There are a lot of amusements like that on Android. Here are the best hack and slice recreations on Android! Bladebound Bladebound is one of the more up to date hack and cut recreations. It likewise accompanies RPG components. There is an account story line Read more [...]