What is Google Maps Timeline & how to use

T's a known fact that Google tracks each and every interest of ours which include the browsing records, locations we've got been and plenty greater. Talking approximately the Google Maps, there's an alternative known as "Your Timeline", that we could users see everywhere they have been, together with locations and venues visited. The places customers have visited that may be regarded by way of date, mode of shipping or sort of pastime. In order to peer your timeline, make certain your Location and Read more [...]

How to send WhatsApp voice sms using Google Assistant

As all of us know, Whatsapp is one of the maximum popular messaging apps nowadays and almost every person makes use of it. On the other hand, digital/voice assistant is progressively becoming an crucial issue of a cellphone nowadays. Google Assistant enables us in doing simple responsibilities consisting of opening the browser, playing songs, Streaming Youtube video and lots greater. In truth, you could use voice commands to invite Google Assistant to send voice messages on your contacts on WhatsApp. Read more [...]

How to Google uses information that it collects 2018

We use Google service almost everywhere be it Maps, Mails or to search results too. Before using the service, we give permission to access our information, which helps them to collect data to show more relevant search results and ads. What information does Google collect? Information we give: At times, we give permission to access our information. For example, when you sign in any of Google's services it asks for your personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number or Read more [...]

5+ Android 7.0 Nougat Version Smartphones

Android 7.0 Nougat is an upcoming release of the Android Operating System. According to the developers, Nougat is expected to be officially release in the third quarter of 2016. In this post I'm gonna show you 5+ 7.0 Nougat Android smartphones. Android is a mobile Operating System (OS), developed by Google Inc. The developers of Android released several launchers and versions with better performance for its users. There are 1.4 billion active Android users from all around the World. The developers Read more [...]